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Reliance Foundation School

Reliance Foundation School, Nagothane is a K-12 English Medium school, affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (Affiliation Number 1130093).

Committed to developing students as global citizens, the School offers highest standard of educational programs, experienced teachers, and a learner-friendly environment that goes beyond classroom teaching. The School believes in nurturing the children to help them achieve their potential, practice a healthy lifestyle, acquire essential life skills, and be curious and confident.

The School aims to prepare children to face the challenges without fear; and inculcates in them moral values that enable them to make informed and responsible judgments about matters of social and national importance.

A fine blend of curricular and co-curricular activities in the educational programmes of the School, support each child to develop creative and critical thinking abilities. Appreciating the uniqueness and talent of each child, our teachers nurture children through holistic and inclusive education.

The school curriculum transactions are based on real life experiences that enable learning and inculcate in students respect for others, service to society, and tolerance. The School recognises and appreciates talent and encourages participation in School activities by creating ample opportunities throughout the academic year.

The School Curriculum, which draws on the National Curriculum Framework and the NCERT guidelines, is continuously evolving to cater to needs of the dynamically changing world. Through educational programs that foster critical 21st century skills, the School encourages every child to become socially responsible and productive citizen of the nation.

Our Motto

At Reliance Foundation Schools, children


LEARN to explore new realms of knowledge, skills and values with a sense of curiosity.


IMAGINE the infinite possibilities that the world offers and how they can develop themselves and positively impact the world.


EXCEL intellectually, develop physically and artistically, and grow emotionally by discovering their inherent potential.