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Club Activities

Club Activities cater to co-curricular areas in a purposeful and organised manner.

The clubs provide students with opportunities that channelize their interests and build on their creative competencies to nurture their talent. Further, these activities develop values and attributes like collaboration, imagination, determination, and perseverance.

The School has the following clubs -

Literary Club

Literary Club organizes competitions like debates, elocutions, extempore in order to initiate conversations in the School that make children think about issues of importance to the society, country and humanity. These activities help children to develop confidence, communication skills and nurture their researching skills.

Art / Culture / Social Club

Art and culture illuminate and enrich our emotional world. The Art/ Culture/ Social Club provides a platform to the students to display their talent and stimulate admiration for dance, music and drama in children. Children work under the guidance of teachers to organise, perform and facilitate all cultural activities in the School.