RFS school building infrastructure overview

Primary School Programme (Class I-IV)

The Primary School Programme initiates children into sustaining their enthusiasm for building on what they learned at the Pre-primary level. At this stage, children's exploratory spirit and quest for knowledge is on the rise, and they are motivated by the love of learning that they have imbibed. The emphasis is on the learning and understanding of concepts through an engaging and relevant curriculum. The various activities conducted enable children to explore their multiple talents.

Highlights of Primary School Programme:
  • Children are encouraged to develop good study habits.
  • The learning process in the early stages of the Primary School makes use of recreational resources and activity-driven approaches like project method, models, charts, visuals, multimedia, and so on, to strengthen children's knowledge base and skill sets.
  • Children are initiated into reading storybooks, individually as well as in groups through a structured reading programme.
  • Emphasis is on experiential learning through experimentation, observation, analysis, drawing inferences and discovery to develop scientific temper.
  • Primary mathematical concepts are developed, focusing on numeracy skills and reasoning ability.
  • Special emphasis is given on acquiring language skills through active reading and listening programmes, and development of creative and artistic expression.
  • Children are exposed to new realms of knowledge, new places and learning experiences through field trips.
  • Children are introduced to new learning experiences and challenges through graded exercises, work sheets, group learning and assignments.
  • Children are provided opportunities to learn music, dance, drama, painting, etc. to develop multiple intelligences.
  • Children's creative talent is nurtured through participation in a variety of co-curricular activities and events.
  • Regular sessions are conducted for imparting life skills and values to children.
Children are introduced to group learning and assignments At Reliance Foundation School Children are exposed to learning experiences through field trips at Reliance School Sessions conducted for imparting life skills and values to children at RFS Dahej