Sports & Games 27 Mar, 2022

National Youth Games Championship

Tejas Dhage of class X and Tanmay Atkare of class IX bagged a Gold medal each in the National Youth Games Championship held at Delhi.Tejas Dhage stood first in Shot put and Tanmay Atkare finished first in 1500-meter Flat Race in U/17 category.

Sports & Games 25 Mar, 2022

18th National Thai Boxing Federation Cup

Arnavi Mohankar of class IX won Silver Medal in U/35-36 kg category of National Thai Boxing Federation Cup. The event was organised at Panchgani, Mahableshwar. She was also the winner of Silver Medal in U/14 Maharashtra Thai Boxing State Level Championship held at Latur. 

Co-Curricular 22 Mar, 2022

National Level Art Contest 2022,

Students participated in the National Level Art Contest 2022, organized by Swami Vivekananda Education and Research Centre, Pune. Shreshta Veerla, Purva Vairagade and Lahari Devarpalli from class IV,VIII and IX respectively won the First prizes in their relevant categories.

Co-Curricular 19 Mar, 2022

36th Championship of Mathematical and Logical Games

Lina Bawane, Samruddhi Ratwadkar of  class V, Harshal Yelane of class VI, Tanushri Nagargoje, Gouri Mannikeri of class VII, Ayush  Dudhpachare,  Devesh Kolte of class IX  and   Surbhi Selokar of class X made the school proud by advancing to the semifinal round of the 36th Championship of Mathematical and Logical Games.

Academics 13 Feb, 2022

Presentation in National Children Maths Academy

Gauri Mannikeri and Rani Fandi of class VII and VIII respectively were selected by the National Children Maths Academy for the presentation of Vedic Math. They conducted a live webinar for the students of class V to VIII and their parents.

Sports & Games 9 Feb, 2022

Fit India Online Sports Quiz

Devesh Kolte and Deepika Yadav of class IX secured 8th rank in the State Level Web Round of Fit India Online Sports Quiz. The competition was organized by the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Government of India in collaboration with Sports Authority of India.

Co-Curricular 11 Dec, 2021

Impact 20-21 Virtual Event

Students participated in an online annual Interschool Competition IMPACT, organized at Achievers School, Nagpur. In this competition the students were given different topics on social issues in different categories wherein, the students had to influence the judges and spectators by putting an impact for taking up constructive steps for the betterment of the society. Ruhil Dangre, Yashika Vaidya of class VI, Gouri Mannikeri, Sanat Vaishnav of class VII, Shreya Bala, Akshara Tohane, Ayan Khan and Shrushti Mannikeri of class VIII received the participation certificates.

Sports & Games 6 Dec, 2021

Asian Thai Boxing Championship-2021

Lavanya Mhaske of Class II bagged a Gold medal in the Asian Thai Boxing Championship 2021 held at Hyderabad. She contested in U/10, 35 kg weight category.

Co-Curricular 29 Oct, 2021

First Inter-School Model United Nations Conference

Students participated in the First Interschool Model United Nations (MUN) Virtual Conference held at Reliance Foundation School, Koper Khairane. Students deliberated on the following agenda.

1 United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC)  Israel- Palestine Conflict

2. United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Discussing and Mitigating the Aftermath of COVID-19 with an Appropriate Socio-Economic Response.

Jaswini Gullapalli, Aasma  Tadavi,  Pranali Tale from class XI and  Nandini  Shahare , Varun  Godbole from class IX participated in the first agenda while Aarushi Ambilduke, Kushal Jain, Shravani Selokar, Shaurya Lende and  Bhargavi Agasti  from class IX were part of the second agenda.

Co-Curricular 20 Jul, 2020

National Level Online Painting Competition For Children

Aarushi Amilduke of class VIII B   won the Basoli Group Jury award in the Painting Competition organized by the Basoli Group of Nagpur.

Sports & Games 28 Dec, 2019

International Football Tournament

In the U-18 Boys category, Kartik Korde, Vivek Sharma and Prajwal Awari made the school proud by representing India at the Indo- Nepal 7A Side Football Championship.

Academics 5 Dec, 2019

Taluka Level Science Exhibition

Shreyashi Wanjari of class IX secured  First position in  Taluka Level Science Exhibition in Secondary and Senior Secondary group . The event was organized by  Dattatraya High School, Chacher.

Academics 21 Nov, 2019

National Science Olympiad

In  the National Science Olympiad following students received Gold Medal
1. Yashika Vaidya                               IV
2. Sanat Vaishnav                               V
3. Shrawani Kachure                           VI
4. E. Elakkiyan                                   VII
5. Arushi Ambilduke                            VII
6. Kirti Gottipatti                                VIII
7. Praveen Vishwakarma                     VIII
8. Tejas Ambulkar                               IX
9. Bhagyesh Madas                              X

Following students received Silver Medal
1. Noshika Ghatoley                            IV
2. Soujanya Deolankar                         V
3. Jay Kadam                                      VI
4. Varun Godbole                                VII
5. Rechal Dehankar                             VII
6. Shrushti Mane                                 VIII
7. Monica Zade                                    IX
8. Ashay Bawankule                             X

Following students received Bronze Medal
1. Shantanu Chakole                           IV
2. Khushi Gurnule                                V
3. Yogeshwari Raut                             VI
4. Diwijakshi Chaudhari                      VII
5. Kanishka Madas                             VII
6. Himanshi Chaudhari                       VIII
7. Himanshu Raut                               IX
8. M. Tejaswani                                   X

Academics 5 Nov, 2019

National English Olympiad

In the National English Olympiad following students received Gold Medal
1. Shraddha Wairagade             IV
2. Sanat Vaishnav                     V
3. Prashant Vishwakarma           VI
4. Aarushi Ambilduke                 VII
5. Srushti Mane                         VIII
6. Avanti Mun                            X

Following students received Silver Medal
1. Vidhi Sawarkar                      V
2. Manasvi Dhone                      VI
3. Ayush Dudhpachare               VII

Following students received Bronze Medal
1. Soujanya Deolankar               V
2. Mugdha Mahure                     VI
3. Devesh Kolte                         VII

Co-Curricular 24 Jul, 2019

Rangotsav -National Level Art Competition

RFS students won various medals for Rangotsav, a National Level Art Competition held every year for school students under different categories and at different locations across India. Sania Vijay Tale of class VI won First prize in All India Hand Writing Competition. Aisha Rupesh Menon of class III won Third prize in colouring competition.

56 students won gold medal in various categories of Art Competition while 7 students received Merit certificates for the same.