The classrooms are well-ventilated and receive natural light throughout the day. There are soft boards in each class to support learning. All classrooms have age-appropriate furniture.


Exploration through experimentation and demonstrations help children observe the phenomenon, verify theories, relate to fundamental principles and reinforce conceptual learning in sciences. The School has well-equipped and spacious Physics, Chemistry and Biology Laboratories. The labs instill scientific temper while reinforcing students' conceptual learning through hands-on experimentation. The laboratories are provided with the required safety measures.

IT Facilities

The Computer Centre in the School provides workstations that are equipped with required software, and high speed internet connectivity to support effective curriculum delivery. The Computer Centre is also equipped with audio-visual facilities and projector to facilitate learning.


The School library has books, periodicals, and journals spanning a wide spectrum of topics and disciplines. These resources, catering to all age-groups, support classroom learning, promote reading habit among children, stimulate their imagination and creativity, and enhance their understanding of the world, its people and cultures.

Multipurpose Hall

The Multipurpose Hall serves as a versatile space for students to participate in co-curricular activities, inter-house competitions and club activities. Equipped with LCD projector and multimedia facilities, the multipurpose hall is also used as the venue for seminars, lectures, workshops, group discussions, presentations and exhibitions.

Art and Craft Room

The Art & Craft room is designed to nurture creativity and imagination in young minds, providing them opportunities for self-expression with various mediums and types of work. These include drawing, sketching, craft, leaf art, paper art, rangoli making, clay modelling etc.

Counselling Centre

The School has a full-time Counsellor who helps students deal with their emotional problems associated with adolescence, stress, and pressure of performance. The Counsellor also supports children with special learning needs.

Play Area for Pre-Primary Section

The dedicated outdoor play area for Pre-Primary section is equipped with age-appropriate play equipment that makes kinaesthetic learning a fun-filled experience. The regular well-planned use of play area supports development of children's gross motor skills and ensures their physical well-being.

Sports Facilities

he School has a playground, play areas, and safe & standardized sports equipment, enabling students to engage in a wide range of outdoor and indoor sports like Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Chess etc.

These resources nurture students' inherent sporting skills and promote sporting culture in the School.

Medical Room

The School accords utmost importance to children's physical well-being and safety. A qualified and experienced nurse, under the guidance of a visiting doctor, is available throughout the day to address medical exigencies. The Medical Room also maintains individual health records of students.