Middle School Programme (VI - VIII)

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The Middle School Programme comprises an extensive curriculum and aims at moulding the student into a responsible individual with strong communication skills, confidence and a thirst to learn. It allows students to identify their academic strengths and interests and aims at enhancing students' knowledge, empowering them to delve deeper into each subject.

With comprehensive, innovative and creative learning activities, the primary focus is on strengthening the skills and competencies of the child. Regular counselling and guidance sessions help in students’ smooth transition from childhood to adolescence.

The Middle School Programme is devised to chisel students into confident and successful learners, independent and creative individuals, and responsible citizens.

Middle School Programme Highlights :

  • The Middle School Programme is structured to meet students' varied intellectual and developmental needs.
  • It operates on an inter-disciplinary approach, by enabling children to understand and appreciate the connection between various subjects.
  • It is designed to hone skills related to writing, reading, reflecting, critical thinking and public speaking and foster initiative and passion among students to acquire knowledge.
  • Physical Education is offered in a more precise manner and sports skills are fine-tuned.
  • Field trips and educational excursions assist in enhancing social skills and in raising awareness about the world
  • Projects, presentations and group activities are more instructive and research-based.
  • Students learn to contribute independently to class assemblies, concerts, dramas and other events, and take up the roles of responsibility.
  • The well-planned and structured teaching-learning strategies like workshops, seminars, talks, presentations, video clippings and laboratory demonstrations reinforce the practical understanding of mathematical and scientific concepts.
  • Apart from academic proficiency, the curriculum acknowledges the importance of sensitising students towards the society, teaching them to be generous and compassionate, and inculcating in them a sense of responsibility towards the society through participation in community outreach activities.
  • Students are encouraged to explore and make extensive use of library resources.
  • The Programme is well-aligned to the educational objectives laid down by the CBSE, and provides a sound base for students to effectively pursue Secondary Education.