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Jagruti-Special Education

Jagruti, the Special Learning Cell of RFS was founded 11 years ago to cater to the needs of students with specific learning needs. 10 Teachers provide assistance and support to such students to build their self-esteem and confidence by overcoming learning difficulties. This special learning cell has been pronounced a member of the Maharashtra Dyslexia Association. This cell can boast of numerous students passing Class X & XII through NIOS board.


Sustainable inclusive learning with universal and flexible access to School Education and Development.


Focuses on children who seek special academic attention. Jagruti provides remediation to the children to cope with the CBSE board, with suitable equipments and teaching aids.

NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling)
Provides relevant, continuing and holistic education up to pre-degree level through flexible learning system.

Brief Operational Approach of Jagruti:

  • Students are keenly observed by the teachers at an early age, for their academic skills in reading, writing and arithmetic, and their emotional and behavioural aspects are also studied.
  • After comprehensive testing of the student, and with due consent of the parents/guardians, the ward is recommended to the Special Learning Unit, Jagruti.
  • The students are identified from primary classes and are given remediation after School hours by specially trained teachers.
  • Jagruti also takes an initiative to keep parents updated. It arranges regular meetings with parents and involves them in the learning process by sharing the IEP (Individualized Education Programme) of their children.
  • Some of the incumbent practices of Jagruti includes the usage and preparation of relevant teaching aids, skill based worksheet, practical experiences for application based learning, brain exercises for gross and fine motor skills development and Sonday system for English language.

Launching of NIOS Board

Considering the capabilities of students, even after remediation process, the management decided to initiate the curriculum of National Institute of Open Schooling for Secondary and Higher Secondary Education in English medium.

This board provides ease for the students who face problems in coping with CBSE Board. This initiative enhances the idea of inclusive education in the system.

How Does It Work?

Life-skill training and vocational courses have also been started to prepare the children to face challenges of life

Highlight of NIOS

  • The NIOS syllabus is specially designed by NCERT for the students so as to impact best quality of most updated education.
  • NIOS provides education and training for upgrading skills and lifelong learning for all.
  • NIOS provides need based Vocational Education for making its students entrepreneurs and not just job seekers.
  • NIOS develops professional support network using contemporary technologies.
  • Catering to the educational needs of the prioritized target groups for equity and social justice.