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The School has 56 well-ventilated and well-lit classrooms equipped with Extramarks (Smart Learn Class) that facilitate the teachers of all classes from KG to XII.

  • To bring alive, to the classroom, all hitherto abstract concepts at the click of a button
  • To enrich the teaching-learning experience at all levels
  • To display the learning content downloaded from the internet as and when required

Extramarks modules are regularly updated and offer comprehensive method of learning, practicing and testing for deep immersive learning. It uses various tools like animations, videos and virtual labs to make learning easy and engaging.

Science Laboratories

The School has 3 well-equipped Science Laboratories to provide students with an opportunity to deepen their understanding of concepts learnt in class by means of experimentation and practical application. The laboratories are regularly updated with the latest instruments, specimens, charts, etc. All laboratories are provided with the required safety measures.

Computer Laboratory

The 2 Computer Laboratories in the School provide workstations that are equipped with the required software, and high speed internet connectivity to support effective curriculum delivery. Apart from that, the laboratory has provision for audio-visual facilities and a projector to facilitate learning.


With a collection of 17,500+ books, magazines, periodicals and newspapers, the School library caters to all age groups, promoting the habit of reading and stimulating the students’ imagination. It also contains digital resources in the form of CDs and DVDs.

Multipurpose Hall

The Multipurpose Hall provides a handy space for students to participate in co-curricular activities, inter-house competitions and club activities. Equipped with LCD projector and multimedia facilities, the multipurpose hall is also used as the venue for seminars, lectures, workshops, group discussions, presentations and exhibitions.

Medical Room

The medical room of the School is well suited to meet any emergency. There is a provision for an ailing student to rest and be administered with timely medical assistance. Furthermore, if need be, the unwell student can be taken to a hospital within 50m of reach by School vehicle.

Guidance and counselling centre

The School houses a Guidance and Counselling Centre to aid students undergoing stress or mental conditions like depression, trauma or anxiety which hinder and thwart their progress. There is a specially designated Review Room where the students are counselled and guided by teacher and trained professionals track their progress and help them mingle with the main stream.

Jagruti: Special Education Centre

The School facilitates holistic learning for special students who find it difficult to wade through regular Schooling. There is a separate special unit run within the campus with qualified and well trained faculty.

Sports Facilities

The School has 3 courts and huge open ground to encourage the sports person within every learner. Throughout the academic session diverse sports tournaments, intramurals and regular training camps are organised. A well-equipped sports room also facilitates the evening Extra Curricular coaching activities, which are conducted in the evening with the PTIs and external coaches.

Art Room

Art is the silent expression of a student’s inherent creativity. Recognising this fact, the School has a multi-faceted Art Room that facilitates apt training in the field of art and craft. The newly budding artists assist the Art and Craft teachers for various School programmes and events.

Music Room

Where the mind fails, music speaks. To initiate the students towards becoming great musicians the students get a platform in the Music Room to explore their innate talent. They get ample opportunity to dabble with various instruments kept in the tailor-made music room to hone and whet their skills.

Dance Room

Dance is the rhythm of the soul. The School houses a well-furnished Dance Room supported with a huge smart board and sound system. The young learners improve upon their skills in novel dance styles and forms under the guidance of the talented dance faculty.