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Cultural Committee

Safeguarding the holistic development of students is the primary objective of the School. Therefore, besides imparting an all-inclusive education, the School provides a parallel opportunity to the students to showcase their talents in various co-curricular activities.

It is a dynamic team comprising a Secretary, the Co-ordinators and two representative members from all the four wings of the School – pre-primary, primary, middle and high School. The Cultural Committee constantly works towards providing a stimulating environment for students to discover and exhibit their potential through an extensive variety of fun activities and exciting learning programmes which augment their experiences and allow them to learn new skills, gain self-confidence, work with their peers, and develop strong friendships.

The School provides an apposite platform to help students discover their talents and potential by offering a healthy and interactive learning environment with quality education.

The cultural activities offered to students at RFS are:

Sr. No. Activity
1 Morning Assembly
2 Investiture Ceremony
3 Awards & Thanks Giving Day
4 Blessing Ceremony
5 Annual Function
6 Annual Sports Day
7 Joy of Giving
8 Special Days (Hindi Day, English Week)
9 Tree Plantation
10 Teachers Day Celebration / Guru Purnima
11 Independence Day / Republic Day