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The House system at RFS aims at imparting leadership qualities, self-confidence, team work, cooperation, as well as good morals in students.

Cultivating a healthy competitive spirit among the students, several inter-house competitions are conducted regularly which feature both curricular and co-curricular activities.

The Four Houses follow certain common norms yet each manages to establish and maintain a very unique identity of its own. The four house names along with their respective colors are:

House Masters and Staff Members are assigned to each of the four houses to guide and streamline the activities of their respective houses with the House Captains and Prefectural Bodies.

House Master Mr. Gopal Bhatt
Captain Hetansh Gami
Vice –Captain Aashka Oza
Vice –Captain Nitant Joshi
House Master Mr. Sajid Shaikh
Captain Dhvani Borda
Vice –Captain Vagmee Vachhani
Vice –Captain Rishabh Bist
House Master Mr. Darshil Patel
Captain Foram Desai
Vice –Captain Vanshikha Chaliawala
Vice –Captain Pratham Sharda
House Master Dr. Dhananjay Bhanja
Captain Khushi Meshri
Vice –Captain Disha Maheswari
Vice –Captain Param Pathak