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24 Sep2023

Rotary Club Elocution Contest

24 Sep, 2023
The School added its name onto the list of prize winners of the annual Elocution Competition organised by the Rotary Club of Surat West, on the 24th of September '23. Two of the school's most adept speakers, namely, Tanvi Brahmankar and Satwik Aravind, from class 12 Science were selected as the school representatives.

Students were given 6 topics for their respective speeches. Among these, "AI: Good or Bad for Mankind" was chosen by Tanvi, while "Start Up Culture: A Boon or a Bane" was chosen by Satwik.

After a  week of rigorous practice, they had thoroughly prepared themselves for the competition. 15 students from 13 prestigious schools all over  Surat, all of whom were extremely competent and deserving, grabbed the opportunity to showcase their oratory skill-set in front of an acclaimed audience.

Satwik Aravind secured the 3rd position and Tanvi  received a participation certificate.

13 Sep2023

U Genius quiz

13 Sep, 2023
Hansal Jain and Daksh Harlalka of Class XI commerce had participated in U Genius quiz organised by Union Bank of India on 13 September 2023 at Ahmedabad.Both our participants won at the zonal level and marked a place in the Nationals which will be held in Mumbai on 7 November 2023.
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13 Sep2023

SGFI Football Tournament

13 Sep, 2023
Reliance Foundation School Surat participated in the SGFI (School Games Federation of India) football tournament organized by the Ministry of Sports and Indian Olympic Association. The team got qualified for the second round of the tournament. The match of round two was held at Surat Mahanagar Palika Sports Playground, Adajan, Surat on September 13, 2023. Around 20 (under 17) teams participated in the tournament. The fifteen members team of RFS Surat accompanying with Mr. Murlidhar Patil reached the venue in time by the school bus. Mr. Maaz Singwala, the coach of RFS team, motivated the team members and prepared them for the match. The match was against Radiant English Academy. All the team members played very well, and the result was a draw (0-0). The RFS team won in penalties with a score of 4-3. One of the team members named Ved Darade (X-D) got selected for the city team. The date of next match will be notified to us shortly.
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10 Sep2023

Chess Tournament - SGFI

10 Sep, 2023
On Sunday, September 10, 2023, the S.G.F.I Surat district Chess competition for girls took place. Three girls from our school, Vedieka Patel (XB), Supal Shah (XC), and Pushti Shah (XC), participated in the event. Vedieka Patel from XB secured the 2nd position, while Pushti Shah from XC secured the 3rd position. Both of them have now been qualified to compete at the state level.
7 Aug2023

Interschool debate competition

7 Aug, 2023
Interschool debate competition was held at SD Jain Modern School on 7th August 2023. The event witnessed spirited participation from 10 esteemed schools, each vying for supremacy in a battle of persuasion. Two students from our school, Prisha Dave(XB) and Rajvi Chandarana(XC) had taken part in this debate.

Each participant had to put forth their views for and against the topic "Happiness is more important than success" followed by a rebuttal round .

Each participating school exhibited their logical reasoning, persuasive speaking skills, and the ability to handle counterarguments effectively.

After 3rounds of eloquent arguments and thoughtful debates and extempore, our school emerged as the overall winner of the competition, both the students were given the winning trophy and individual certificates of recognition.

27 Jul2023

Confluence (Interschool Participation)

27 Jul, 2023
Reliance Foundation School, Surat students participated in CONFLUENCE 2023, organized by AMNS International School, Hazira, Surat. The competitions were conducted on 27th and 28th July 2023. The competitions were as follows:


  • Two students from our school: Rivaa Davda (X A) (Against the Motion) and Hridaya Shah (X A) (For the Motion) participated in a Debate competition on the topic : “Artificial Intelligence will replace human intelligence.”
  • Manya Kapadia (IXA) and Rachita Chhawchharia (IX C) secured the 1st Runners Up trophy in ‘CREATE and ASSEMBLE’ competition on the theme “Sustainable World”.
  • Pitch Your Business where the participants presented unique, authentic and bonafide idea of business through PPT was also conducted where Four students from XI Commerce - Rene Mehta, Meet Kapadia, Nivaan Jhaveri, Kavya Gadhvi participated.
  • Vedieka Patel (X B), Astha Chadotra (X B), Soham Dalal (IX C) were declared as the winners for the Hindi ad-act ‘Vigyapan Prastutikaran’ . It was on the spot competition.
  • Two teams from our school participated in a website design competition named ‘Designtastic competition’. Team 1 : Ved Patel (X A), Srishti Mishra (X C) and Team 2 :  Shifa Gilani(XI Sci), Purva Solanki (XI Sci). Team 1 bagged the winner’s trophy.
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31 Mar2023

International Gymnastic Competition

31 Mar, 2023
Dhriti Nanavati of Class VII bagged the Gold Medal in Group Gymnastics & Bronze Medal in Individual Gymnastics under 14 categories. The national competition was hosted by the International Gymnastic Federation.
1 Mar2023

Mono-Acting competition

1 Mar, 2023
Mahin Chinai of Class VII bagged the 🥇 Gold Medal in Mono-Acting competition in the All-India Postal Cultural Meet 2023 which was held in Goa.
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14 Jan2023

CBSE - Chess Competition

14 Jan, 2023
Reyansh Patel (Class VI) Suhaan Pandey (Class V) Devarsh Desai (Class V) Vraj Shah (Class II) Gold in Chess at CBSE West Zone and Silver  at CBSE National  in Under 11 Boys category.
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9 Jan2023

CBSE - Table Tennis Competition

9 Jan, 2023
Hiya Patel (XI Commerce) Upasana (IV) won Bronze medal and in Individual Event Hiya Patel won Gold Medal  in Table Tennis at CBSE Cluster in Under 17 Girls Category. Hiya Patel Participated at CBSE National. 

Hiya Patel (XI Commerce ) won Gold Medal at DPS Inter School Table Tennis Tournament organised by DPS, Tapi, Surat in Under-17 -Girls Singles

8 Jan2023


8 Jan, 2023
The 8th Edition of the Star Rating Annual Conference by Centre of Educational Development accreditation Division India honoured the changemakers in education as part of the objective to influence the future of education and educate all stakeholders.

The conference focused on "SDG-4 & SKILL EDUCATION a mandate" in order to examine the major problems that education faces in our nation and find a solution together.

The conference had a spectacular ceremony to honour the Changemakers from almost 200 schools.

Mrs. Shimna Sunil, a teacher at Reliance Foundation School, Surat received the school's Changemaker Award for her efforts to promote the Sustainable Development Goals and build 21st century skills.


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13 Dec2022

National Roller-Skating Championship

13 Dec, 2022
Malay Patel of IX won Silver Medal at National Level in National Roller-Skating Championship organised by 60th Diamond Jubilee National Roller-Skating Championships at Bangalore in Individual event (Under-17)

He won Gold in 500 mtr and Silver in 1000 mtr Roller-Skating Championship at CBSE West Zone held at Udaipur, Rajasthan and participated at CBSE National at Gurugram, Hariyana.

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12 Dec2022

CBSE West Zone- Chess Competition

12 Dec, 2022
Shreya Drolia (Class VII) Devanshi Poddar (Class VII) Manya Drolia ( Class III) received Bronze medal in CBSE West Zone  under 14 girls category
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12 Dec2022

CBSE West Zone- Skating Competition

12 Dec, 2022
Vivaa Gajjar won Silver Medal in Inline 500 mtr Skating competition organised by CBSE West Zone under 8 - Girls category and participated in National.
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12 Dec2022

CBSE West Zone- Skating Competition

12 Dec, 2022
Mishti Shukla won Silver Medal in CBSE West Zone in Under 19 Girls category


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12 Dec2022

CBSE - Table Tennis Competition

12 Dec, 2022
Jeevika Patel (V) Tanisha Deputy (V ) won Bronze Medal in Team Event in Table Tennis at CBSE Cluster in Under 14 girls category

Jeevika Patel won Silver Medal in Indiviual Table tennis in CBSE Cluster in Under 14 Girls and participated in National.



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2 Dec2022

Yogasana Sports- India 2022

2 Dec, 2022
Esha Shah of class IX won Silver Medal at World Cup of Yogasana Sports- India 2022 organised by IYSF(International Yoga Sport Federation) at Bangalore on 2nd to 4th December 2022 in Under 17 (Individual Event)

Esha Shah also won Silver Medal in CBSE West Zone competition and participated at CBSE National in Under 19 girls’ category.

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27 Oct2022

Kudo Championship

27 Oct, 2022
Our Kudo Sports Star, Zidaan Kharadi bags 3 Gold Medals in a row!

It's a hatrick for Zidaan Kharadi of Class VIII

  1. He secured gold in the 54 kg, Under-14 boys- Akshay Kumar International Kudo Tournament held on 25th October 2022.  
  2. He bagged the gold in the 13th Kudo National Tournament 2022-23 held on 27th October 2022 in the 54 kg, Under-14 boys category.
  3. He secured the gold medal in the 3rd Kudo Federation Cup held on 30th October 2022 - 54 kg, Under-14 Boys category.

His persistent efforts and passion towards Kudo has helped him achieve this feat.

Congratulations Zidaan!!!

12 Oct2022

RFS Surat ranked as Best Co-ed School in Surat by Education World

12 Oct, 2022
RFS Surat has been adjudged as the #2 Best Co-ed School in Surat on the basis of a survey conducted by the prestigious publication Education world on the parameters of education excellence under, teacher welfare and development, teacher competence, infrastructure, co-curricular and sports education, parental involvement, academic reputation, curriculum and pedagogy, internationalism and mental and emotional well-being services.

This acknowledgment accurately represents the school's tireless efforts to deliver a top-notch education with a desire for academic excellence. This will genuinely keep us inspired as we work to transmit global learning.

2 Oct2022

For Not For - International Debate Competition 2022

2 Oct, 2022
If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride - and never quit, you'll be a winner. The price of victory is high but so are the rewards”.

The brightest and most adroit debaters of Reliance Foundation School, Surat participated in the Third Edition of FOR NOT FOR, the first-ever Hybrid British Parliamentary International Debate organized by a University in India for Students of Standard 11 and 12 and bagged the First Position.

For Not For International Debate Competition 2022 was a platform consisting of 184 participants from 92 schools across 4 countries with an eminent judging panel of 75 Principals, Lawyers, Toast Masters, National and International Debaters. All the participants had to compete with each other in five elimination rounds namely Preliminary (92 Teams) , Pre Quarters (32 Teams), Quarter Finals (16 Teams), Semi Finals (8 Teams) and Finals (4 Teams). The four teams who advanced to the finals were from Doha, Nepal, Indore and Gujarat.

The competitions were held on three consecutive days from 30th September to 2nd October 2022.

The winners, Jhanvi Desai (XII COMMERCE) and Satwik Aravind (XI SCIENCE) received a cash prize of Rs. 1 lakh.

In addition to the debating rounds on an international  platform on contemporary topics, The students also had the opportunity to develop their leadership skills at the Leadership Retreat Workshop at the Vijaybhoomi campus. The Leadership Retreat progarmme helped them to hone leadership abilities through interactions with diverse peer groups and subject experts, self-reflection and build perspectives about emerging careers in workshops covering drone piloting, sound producing, outbound leadership, data analytics, design, music production, self-discovery, etc. The Leadership Retreat was offline, at the Vijaybhoomi picturesque campus at Karjat, Maharashtra.

2 Oct2022

Rotary Club (South West) Elocution Competition

2 Oct, 2022
The Interschool Elocution Competition that the Rotary Club organised was a great opportunity for the students to practise their public speaking. 30 schools in the Surat  took part in the elocution and talked on any one of the six topics that were provided. It was one of the most effective strategies to inspire the kids to voice their opinions in front of the distinguished audience. The second-place winner was Vedanshi Upadhyay (XII Commerce). She discussed the opportunities and benefits of India's digital revolution. The top 3 winners received exiting prizes as well, which encouraged the kids to give their best efforts. All the fearless speakers deserve credit for the event's success.
Sports & Games
2 Oct2022

National Cube Championship

2 Oct, 2022
Kudos to Our Champion Cuber Jashvi Shah of class VII 

She secured the versatile bronze medal position in the 10th National Cube Championship organised by Indian Cube Association on 2nd October 2022.

Her hard work and problem-solving attitude made the complex simple!

15 Sep2022

Microsoft Showcase School

15 Sep, 2022
‘Guided by transformative education principles, technological advancements and 21st Century Skills we at RFS Surat strongly believe in transforming ideas into vision and vision into reality.’

We are elated to be recognized as Microsoft Showcase School, 2022 and thus making our grandiose entry into global community and pioneering schools that scaffolds and creates student-centred, immersive, and inclusive experiences. We also aim to inspire lifelong learning, stimulate development of essential future-ready skills, and empower the learners to achieve them.

The Microsoft Showcase School Program provides opportunity to engage with Microsoft and like-minded school leaders around the world to deepen and expand education tranformation framework.

We are endowed with this title as we have been identified as a professional community that amplifies the use of technology and leads the educators on the path of continuous professional development. The teaching-learning experience here at RFS Surat is enhanced with the use of various Microsoft Office 365 tools like Microsoft Teams, OneNote, Sway, Flipgrid, Breakout rooms, OneDrive, Stream, Whiteboard, SharePoint, Reading Progress to name a few.

We currently have 19 Faculty Members who are Microsoft Certified Educators and in the process of training the rest to achieve the coveted title.

The transformation journey from Incubator programme to Microsoft Showcase school was driven by the culture of learning, innovation, and continuous improvement. We, with the help of Microsoft effectively managed the transition to remote and hybrid learning during the COVID-19 crisis. We continue the education transformation journey through capacity building, transformation guidance, peer learning, amplifying opportunities, and early access to research and solutions.

With the motto of Learn…. Imagine…Excel we continue our education transformation journey steadfast and relentlessly.

10 Sep2022


10 Sep, 2022
The Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been honoring dignitaries from all walks of life time to time. It was a matter of great pride for the institution that Ms. Meeta Barodawala ,KG Teacher, was awarded the Best Teacher Award on the occasion of Teachers Day.
5 Sep2022

Inspire Awards- 3.0

5 Sep, 2022
Earning a teaching award not only validates one’s accomplishments, but it also raises the school’s profile and sets a high benchmark of excellence for colleagues to follow. Three Teachers of our school -Ms. Vidya Menon Ms. Shimna Sunil and Ms. Radhika Iyer were shortlisted as Finalists of their respective category in IPN (Indian Principal Network) INSPIRE Awards Edition-03 Global Honour for Teachers after the interview round.

Results were announced in an online meeting organised on 5th September 2022 (Teachers Day).

Ms. Vidya Menon was announced the winner of the Best Resilient Teacher category.

Ms. Shimna Sunil and Ms. Radhika Iyer received the Runners Up of the Best Innovative Teacher category and Best Fore Runner category

Sports & Games
13 Aug2022

Inter School Chess Championship

13 Aug, 2022
 “Chess is life in miniature. Chess is a struggle, chess battles.” – Garry Kasparov

Teamwork and collaboration develop planning, problem solving and creative abilities to reach a goal. The statement was proven by the RFS Surat Chess wizards. The Inter School Chess Championship-2022 organised by DPS School Tapi- Surat was held on 13th August, Saturday where RFS Surat champions exhibited their strategic thinking and analytical skills through the medium of chess. RFS girls’ team (U-15) and boys’ teams (U-15) participated and won the Champions Trophy and proved that persistence can change dreams into extraordinary achievements. The Championship was organised in the Swiss tournament system which is a non-eliminating tournament format. Every player had to play 5 rounds irrespective of whether they win or lose.

Girls team competed with 18 more schools and won the Championship Trophy. The winners were as follows:

Vedieka Patel  IX B (Captain)

Shreya Gupta VII D

Manya Drolia III A

Pushti Shah IX C

Boys team  competed with 20 schools and won the Championship Trophy. The winners were as follows:

Jinansh Shah  IX C (Captain)

Ved Patel IX A

Neev Shah VIII B

Jinay Shukla  VIII B

22 Jun2022

Microsoft Certified Educator – 2022

22 Jun, 2022
“Technology will not replace great teachers but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational.”

Our digital transformation journey began more than 1.5 years ago, when the entry of COVID-19 appeared to put an end to everything. After receiving training in using MS Teams, our teachers started a journey that resulted in producing 9 Microsoft Innovative Expert Educators and 19 Microsoft Certified Educators through a series of stimulating online learning courses.

Sports & Games
28 May2022

Swimming Federation Of India - Age Group Swimming Competition

28 May, 2022
Manaswee Dutta of Class XII Commerce won 3 Gold and 3 Silver Medal in  Age group swimming competition organized by Swimming Federation Of India

50m breastroke-Silver Medal

100m breastroke-Gold Medal

200m breastroke-Gold Medal

4*100m freestyle relay- Silver Medal

4*100 medley relay-Gold Medal

Sports & Games
21 May2022

Khel mahakumbh State Level Swimming Competition

21 May, 2022
Manaswee Dutta of class XII Commerce won5 Gold Medals at  Khel mahakumbh state level swimming competition.

50m breastroke – Gold Medal

100m breastroke – Gold Medal

200m breastroke – Gold Medal

4*100m freestyle relay – Gold Medal

4*100 medley relay- Gold Medal

Sports & Games
23 Apr2022

Skating Competition

23 Apr, 2022
‘Compassion is a passion with heart’, this quote aptly suits the young Sports star Aarav Kejriwal from Middle School (VI B). He secured second position in U/11 category in Skating Competition organised by the Ice-Skating Association Gujarat. He is determined to bring laurels in the Nationals too.
Sports & Games
19 Dec2021

Gujarat State Badminton Championship

19 Dec, 2021
Gujarat State Badminton Championship organised tournament at Vadodara.

Rutvi Baloni of Class 11 Science secured-

U-17 category – Silver Trophy

Sports & Games
19 Dec2021

SGFI Swimming

19 Dec, 2021
Gujarat State Swimming Federation of India- Manaswee Dutta of Class 11 Commerce secures Second position in 4 events viz. 50m, 100m, 200m  Breast Stroke and 4x100 medley relay. Third position in 4x100 Freestyle relay. The event was organised at Ahmedabad.
Sports & Games
19 Nov2021

Gujarat State Badminton Championship

19 Nov, 2021
Gujarat Badminton Association organised tournament at Bhavnagar.

Rutvi Baloni of Class 11 Science secured-

U-19 category – 3rd position

Open category – 4th position

11 Oct2021


11 Oct, 2021


…… extravagant exhibition.............

Hats off to the Winners

The Art and Craft Department proudly announces the result of the Art and Craft Gallery competition conducted on  15thAugust 2021 for the students of Pre- primary to Secondary section.

We would like to thank and appreciate all the participants and their parents for having shown immense interest and energetic enthusiasm towards virtual art and craft Gallery.

Hearty Congratulations to all the participants and the winners!

Best wishes and greetings,

RFSEM Art and Craft Department

Sports & Games
10 Oct2021

Gujarat State Badminton Championship

10 Oct, 2021
Gujarat Badminton Association organised tournament at Bhavnagar.

Rutvi Baloni of Class 11 Science secured-

Mixed Doubles U-19  category – Silver Trophy 

Singles U-19 category – Silver Trophy

Sports & Games
3 Oct2021

Table Tennis Championship

3 Oct, 2021
2nd Open Surat Ranking Table Tennis Championship

Hiya Patel of Class 10 B secures Third position in U-17 girls event as well as  Third position in  Women’s category , organised at Surat. She also secured 5th position in the U-19 category.

Sports & Games
10 Sep2021

Table Tennis Championship

10 Sep, 2021
1st Open Surat Ranking Table Tennis Championship-Hiya Patel of Class 10 B secures Third position in U-17 girls event organised at Surat
30 Mar2021


30 Mar, 2021
"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better" - Albert Einstein

With a strong objective to assert ‘compassionate conservation’ among the students we at RFS Surat ensures to participate in National Level Painting & Essay writing competition organized by  ‘Petroleum Conservation Research Association’ . PCRA is a registered society under the aegis of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. We have been consistently participating and winning in this prestigious competition. The latest announcement of the winners has added another feat to the glory of the school.


The topic for the competition was ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav through Green & Clean Energy’ for Essay Competition as well as for Painting Competition. Two best essays from the school level were selected and uploaded on the PCRA Portal.


Dia Sutaria, (X B) ‘AY – 2021-22’, is declared as the State level Winner & also selected for National level

Pratiti Kaushal, (IX D) ‘AY – 2021-22’ is the State level Winner


Winners :

  1. Mahek Patel (X B ) ‘AY- 2021-22’ is the State level Winner and selected for National level)
  2. Aloki Vakil (X C) ‘AY 2021-22’ is State level Winner


All the students from class VII – X (640) participated in an online quiz organized by PCRA. Questions were pertaining to Fuel Conservation, Environment, General Studies and General Knowledge.


  1. Jaiv Shah (VIII A AY-2021-22 ) - State level Winner
  2. Vraj Patel (VII C AY 2021-22) - State level Winner