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27 Feb2021

Creative Hands at work

27 Feb, 2021

In the academic session 2021, the Primary wing of RFS (EM) Surat organized a host of curricular activities aimed at enhancing creativity, critical thinking and holistic development of the students. The hands on activities in different subjects brought out the innate and latent talents of the young ones.

23 Dec2020

Jingle Bells on virtual platform

23 Dec, 2020

A grand virtual Christmas celebration was staged by the enthusiastic and energetic tiny tots of primary blossom. The celebration included carol singing, skit and thematic presentation depicting the theme, International year of Peace and Trust.

19 Oct2020

Navratri - A time for Fun and Frolic

19 Oct, 2020

The pious festival was celebrated with great religious fervour and gaiety by the students of Primary Blossom. The occasion witnessed a grand celebration comprising of various cultural items. The children and their family members looked splendid and beautiful wearing their traditional Garba attires and dancing to the tunes of Dandia.

10 Jun2020

Virtual Art & Craft Gallery

10 Jun, 2020

Children are a treasure of hidden talents and new ideas and to showcase their talent during the lockdown while they are confined within the four wall of their home, the School organised a Virtual Art & Craft Exhibition. Through the medium of art & craft students could put their imagination and creativity to good use, some of the selected pieces submitted by the students of Pre-primary, Lower-primary and Upper-primary have been put up in the display section.

Wishing all students good luck!  

Stay Safe & Stay Home!

5 Jun2020

Celebration Of World Environment Day - Middle School

5 Jun, 2020

Supporting the call given by United Nations in observing the World Environment Day – 2020 as  – Celebrate Biodiversity, the School organised an event on 5th June 2020.

The Middle School students were asked to create posters on Healthy Community Champions and a presentation on When the Urbans Go Green. A Quiz was also conducted on the theme of the year. The Event was organised by the teachers of Science and Social Science Department who circulated videos and prepared presentation for the students on the topic, Celebrate Biodiversity. This helped to inculcate sensitivity, responsibility, decisiveness and a moral attitude towards a good cause in students. It also helped to create awareness about various environment issues on World Environment Day.     


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5 Jun2020

World Environment Day Celebration - Secondary Section

5 Jun, 2020

The fate of the entire planet is now dependent upon a single species -humans. Beyond the current human tragedies, one can at least hope that Covid-19 has had the positive effect of raising this awareness.

The students of classes IX & X came together to participate knowing the dire need of the cause to save the planet Earth. As we are in process of integrating ourselves into the next world, the world after Covid-19, understanding this greatest immediate need will be a great respect for biodiversity.


  1. Panel Discussion

The students of classes IX & X outlined their perspectives and ideas on moving beyond conservation - a step further. The discussion was focused upon understanding the Why and How of conservation. Two groups with six participants each were selected through an audition round for the discussion on the D day. The competition went online from 8:30 am to 10:00 am on Microsoft Teams. 

The most engaging, interesting and interactive Panellist was awarded The Best Speaker. All Participants were given participation certificates.

  1. Slogan Writing Competition

In the wake of the recent catastrophe, the loss we suffered is unfathomable. Pollution, climate change, overpopulation, natural disasters are all growing threats to biodiversity. To sensitise the students towards these alarming issue and to make them responsive Slogan Writing Competition was conducted.  They expressed their views and created awareness among the people about the need to protect biodiversity through their slogan on the topic: Ways to Negate the Impact of Biodiversity Loss and Restore Balance in Nature. Overall the competition helped to introduce a new ideology, disseminate facts, show different points of view, and evoke curiosity of students in a new direction.

5 Jun2020

World Environment Day Celebration - Primary Section

5 Jun, 2020

World Environment Day* was celebrated in * Reliance Foundation School, Surat (EM) on 5th June 2020 with great enthusiasm.

To mark this occasion competitions were organised for the students of classes 1 to 5.


Std. 1 students have to make Earth Crown

Std. 2 students have to make Birds feeder.

Both the activities were chosen to maintain children’s euphoria along with learning.

Std 3: To make Bird feeder.

 Students learnt the importance of environment and how to save our natural habitats  by providing food , water and safety .

Std 4 & Std 5:

A speech competition was organised on theme "Bio Diversity". The competition offered the students a great chance to express their views on the need to conserve nature and protect it. The children exhibited their talent and enthusiasm through their virtual videos.

Science teachers of Primary Section supported and guided earnest efforts of students diligently.


Our science department along with our primary teachers have very excellently prepared a PDF on how we have been inducing pain to nature and the promise to nurture nature and beautify it for wellness of all.


These activities were given intending to inculcate the core sense of humanity .

We received overwhelming response from parents in our efforts to celebrate this special day in such an effective and inspirational manner.


Primary Blossoms takes the pledge to keep Earth happy and healthy forever and ever

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31 May2020

Lockdown Activities

31 May, 2020

The global upsurge of the Covid-19 pandemic and the resultant lockdown has brought all of us face to face with such unprecedented times and situations. This too, without a hint of what this situation can entail and the  level of preparedness required. But a human's basic nature of adaptability has made us, as a society, emerge stronger and better equipped than before. 

The same can be said about the educational domain. We at RFS, did not want to compromise on any score and reached out to our students for educational pursuits on the virtual platform. 

 Find the pictures of Curricular and Co- Curricular involvement of our students while they sat in the safe confines of their homes.

Curricular - Teachers got trained and took classes on Microsoft Teams. Creative  assignments were given away in all subject for all classes Kg to class12. A glimpse of classes being organised by teachers displaying their e- teaching resources. Also some of the submissions made by students.


Co- Curricular - For physical and mental wellness , a number of age appropriate activities were suggested . Besides encouraging reading ,some assignments that would make students introspect and do goal setting , identify their strengths and weaknesses to check what drives their career choices were also given. Children demonstrate in pictures their talent in calligraphy, yoga , art , doodling , dance , warli and madhubani art, writing skills, best out of waste etc. This has not only honed their talent but also kept them gainfully occupied inside homes. 

17 Feb2020

Primary Blossoms Annual Award Ceremony 2019-20

17 Feb, 2020

The award ceremony was an endeavour to recognise , acknowledge and award students for their glorious achievements throughout the academic year 2020 both scholastic and co-scholastic.

Keeping alive this tradition of excellence and awarding the high academic achievers, our Primary Blossoms Annual Award Ceremony was held on 17th  February 2020.

Our honourable Principal Sir felicitated the students with trophies, and certificates for their academic excellence, special awards and sports awards.

Our respected Principal Sir appreciated all the students for getting awards, inspired  others to put extra effort to do well  and he also appreciated  the teachers for their wonderful work of sustaining the all round development of Primary Blossoms students.

13 Feb2020

Middle School Annual Awards 2019-2020

13 Feb, 2020

As is the custom, every Academic Year is concluded by recognising and appreciating the best of the students in terms of Discipline, Excellence in Academics, Sports , Volunteering, Creativity , Achievements in external competitions and their noteworthy contributions to the school and the system. This day is observed as a Thanks Giving Day by the students, a Blessing Day by the teaching fraternity and a Celebration for the commendable achievements  by students.

13 Feb2020

Appreciation Token System – A Positive Reinforcement

13 Feb, 2020

This is an initiative taken by the Prefect Girl (MS) and her associate designed and implemented this system to foster good Classroom behaviour that is conducive for learning. The subject teachers gave tokens to the class when they felt that the students’ behaviour was exemplary in all regards. Fortnightly, the tokens were counted and an extra Games Period was allotted to the Class as an incentive for good conduct.

18 Jan2020

Grandparents Day

18 Jan, 2020

Grandparents are the greatest blessings for a family. To show our love and respect for our dear grandparents, special day was dedicated to them.

18th January 2020 was celebrated as Grandparents Day at RFS by Pre primary.

We gave an opportunity to the grandparents to perform on the stage with their Grandchildren. Fun games were also organised to entertain our dear Grandparents. The Most Active “Grandfather, Grandmother and Grandchild” were awarded.

31 Dec2019

General Assembly by Falcon House

31 Dec, 2019

A Special Assembly was conducted on 31st December 2019  from 7.30 am to 8.30 am in the New Play Area to mark the beginning of The New Year 2020. Falcon House Teachers and the students took the initiative to present a thematic assembly on the theme ‘ 2020 – International Year of Plant Health’. Diverse presentations by KG, Primary, Middle School , Secondary & Sr. Secondary connected all of us with the thought of protecting plant Health to Protect life on Earth. The Assembly was witnessed by the students from Class I to Class XII. Certificate, Medals and Trophies were also distributed to the meritorious and the winners of various competitions like quizzes and Annual Function. It ended with a powerful message by the Principal Dr. S. Antony Raj   who emphasized distinct roles that each one plays to create a progressive society of thoughtful and empathetic citizens who would contribute to the overall development of the global Community.

28 Dec2019


28 Dec, 2019

Self defense is not just a set of techniques , it's a state of mind. Self defense not only helps  to prepare oneself for an unexpected situation but also helps to develop increased mental and physical health. It also makes one proactive.

A workshop on 'Self Defense for Girls' of classes VI - XI was conducted in RFS, Surat on December 28, 2019. The highly qualified resource person Mr. Pamir Y Shah, is an International Referee for Taekwondo .He has contributed immensely  towards women empowerment and also been project director to various self defense initiatives by the government. Apprising the students about the importance of self defense , Mr Pamir focused on React and Report. He motivated the girls to speak up about such incidents and also gave tips and techniques about what to do if trapped in an undesirable situation.

He threw light on the following points :

  • Strategies and Tactics
  • Psychological Preparation
  • Effective Physical techniques
  • To walk out more confident and more competent

He also demonstrated various self defense techniques to be used in dire situations.

Sports & Games
30 Nov2019

Training Camp for Governor's Award

30 Nov, 2019

63 Scouts and guides of class X are getting trained for the Governor's award. Our scouts and guides teachers organised a training camp and were supported by the resource persons Mr. Sheikh Rehman - Rashtrapati Rover and Mr. Muzaffar Shakir Hussain  - Rashtrapati Rover, both belonging to the Scout and Guides office of Western Railways.  

Sports & Games
19 Nov2019

Fit India Movement

19 Nov, 2019

Fitness has always been an integral part of our culture . As stated by our honourable Prime Minister ‘ Fitness is zero percent investment with infinite returns’  this exemplifies  the benefits of living a healthy life. In lieu of this, we at J.H.Ambani Saraswati Vidyamandir  undertook the successful conduct of the ‘Fitness India Movement’ campaign from 19th  to 23rd November . Thus providing the students with ‘Active Field Time’ through variety of exercises and sports we as a school was successful in contributing towards the national goal and its aspiration of achieving A ‘Fit India’.

The details are as follows :

Date & Day







YOGA  - Serving the purpose of powerful motivation Yoga exercises were performed by the students under the supervision of  yoga teachers





FREE HAND EXERCISE – For neuro-muscular co ordination  and general fitness free hand  exercises were taught to the children 





FITNESS ASSESSMENT – To pledge the strength of the movement detailed physical assessment of the students were undertaken through an app called KHELO INDIA





POSTER MAKING – Students of class III enthusiastically participated in expounding the truest essence of  ‘Fit India Movement’ through wonderful posters and slogans





AEROBIC & DANCE – In all its fun and enjoyment students were instigated to work out on foot tapping music and grooving aerobics steps. Exercising thus was fun and frolic.





ESSAY WRITING – Students expressed their vivid views on ‘Fit India School’ through essay writing competition





SPORTS QUIZ – A very interesting and informative quiz was conducted . The students participated with fervor and true sportsman spirit





As basics for Gymnastics and loaded with enjoyment the students performed Forward Roll . Reviving the indigenous sports culture the exercise was taken up with all its glory.

21 Oct2019

Diwali Celebration

21 Oct, 2019

Diwali was celebrated by our Pre-primary students on 21st and 22nd October with full zeal and zest. Joy of giving was also a part of the celebration for our students as they honoured our under privileged staff of the school.

15 Oct2019

Field Trip to Temple

15 Oct, 2019

A Field trip was organised for the Pre- primary students to the Iscon Temple on Tuesday 15th October from 9:00am to 10:30am with the objective of educating them to the Places of worship and chanting shlokas in a rhythmic way.

12 Oct2019

Staff Picnic

12 Oct, 2019


Staff Members were taken to a riverside campground featuring adventurous rope course, zipline for a one day nature camp. Situated in Dabhoi, Orsang Camp was an apt choice for a short camping experience. The trip was on 12th October 2019 . Enjoyment of the outdoors, bonding with nature  and exposure to adventures and challenges were the outcomes of the entire rejuvenating trip.

11 Oct2019

Clay Modelling Competition

11 Oct, 2019

A fun filled competition loved by all our children is the Clay modelling Competition which was organised on 11th October in the respective classrooms. The main aim of making our children play with clay is to develop their fine motor skills.

10 Oct2019

General Assembly by Eagle House

10 Oct, 2019

We take pride in creating an ambience of learning that invigorates and unfolds the true potential of every child. We call it “Praying and Paving way to excellence.” Students from class III to Class XI assembled along with their teachers for a special assembly which was organized by the Eagle House members. The aim of the assembly was to achieve the following goals :

  • To culminate the week long campaign on “Swachh Bharat Mission” held in school.
  • To enable students to share their experiences, stories, anecdotes related to the celebration of cleanliness campaign
  • To provide them training in waste management and good hygienic conditions

The House Assembly helped in creating House spirit and foster healthy competition amongst different houses. Best Clean Class award was given away which enthused them with the spirit of cleanliness.

10 Oct2019

Water : A Natural Resource

10 Oct, 2019

To bring forth a conscious thinking on the water crisis, a Poster Making Activity on ‘Conservation of Water’ was arranged for students of Class VII.

5 Oct2019

Guest Lectures

5 Oct, 2019

Inviting guest speakers is an amazing way to learn about a specific topic for the students in a unique way and open new doors for better career understanding.

  • Kamlesh Dave MD Psychiatrist espoused on the much needed topic “Dealing with adolescent stress” for the boys of the class IX to XII.
  • Ruta Gokani Rao MD Pediatrician elucidated the concept of  “Health and wellness for adolescent Girls” 
  • C. Sonawane IFS, created awareness amongst the young on “Rights and Duties of a Citizen”
  • Mala Naik , National Awardee, shared the inputs and emphasised on “Values from the Bhagwad Gita”

4 Oct2019

Navratri Celebration

4 Oct, 2019

Pre-primary section celebrated Navratri on 4th October’19.

It was celebrated with lot of enthusiasm in the school Auditorium from 9:30 to 10:30am.

The Hindu festival of Navratri is celebrated for 9 (nine) full days in almost every part of India. The Navratri festival honours the victory of Maa Durga. To educate children on this festival of Victory of good over evil, we celebrate this festival.

28 Sep2019

Swachh Bharat Misssion

28 Sep, 2019

The students of J.H.Ambani School, Surat marked the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi by participating in plethora of competitions and activities organised from 28th September to 2nd october.

The aim of the mission being to motivate the young bright minds of the country towards a clean India, the key feature of the campaign was to ensure complete awareness about healthy sanitation, waste management, clean surroundings and hygiene facilities. The success of the event was the undeterred support of the Principal, creative involvement of enthusiastic teachers and enthusiastic participation of highly motivated students. The following activities were successfully conducted during these days:


A spectacular exhibition was held on 28th September in the KG classrooms from 9.30 to 12 noon. The parents of the Pre- primary section and class I & II were the spectators. The exhibition showcased the cleanliness concepts in association with Swachh Bharat Mission. Furthering this mission were the highlights of the exhibition, which are as follows :

  1. a) Reliance foundation's Initiatives and contributions to education and Swachh Bharat Mission
  2. b) History of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
  3. c) Benefits of Schemes launched by India for SBA
  4. d) Bal Swachhata Abhiyan
  5. e) Linguistic Expressions of Swachh Bharat Mission
  6. f) Swachh Bharat Do's and Don'ts
  7. g) Duties and Responsibilities of Indian citizens towards Swachh Bharat Mission


The visitors were highly impressed with the creative display of information, artistry and the efforts behind the exhibits. Journalism Club and Computer Club jointly helped in putting up the exhibition demonstrating organisational skills and team work.


III to V

Best out of Waste, Slogan Writing and Poem writing were conducted in these classes unveiling vivid creative expression on this noble mission.



Describing their commitment for future towards the cause of Cleaner India the students wrote 'Letter to Bapu'. This was meant to be befitting tribute to Mahatma Gandhi sensitizing the young minds towards their responsibities towards cleanliness and sanitation.  


IX & X

What's a better way to pass on the social message than using the medium of performing arts? Aiming to motivate the adolescents to become active agents of healthy and sustainable living the secondary section students displayed one cat play on ' Cleanliness- the purest emblem of the mind.' The performances adorned with messages related to Cleaner India was a great success.



A panel discussion titled ' Cleanliness a practice not a project' brought into light the views of the young generation. Youth has an important role to play , a role of a binding force bringing together all age groups together and bring about a change and give India what it deserves, a clean and healthy future.

With such hopeful initiatives, we wish our school will be a 'clean and beautiful' place. In this direction , our school is marching ahead to prepare the students as responsible citizens of tomorrow's India.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan ...making India clean and more


30 Aug2019

Science Fair at Science Centre

30 Aug, 2019

The event was organised by SURAT MUNICIPAL CORPOATION for two days i.e. on 30th and 31st August'19.

The objective of organising the science exhibition was to promote the interest in the field of science and technology among younger generation, to inculcate a sense of pride in their own talent, to provide exploratory experiences, to encourage creative thinking and problem solving approach, developing appropriate technologies, integrating and applying science in daily life situations for the greater good.

Students of classes 8th to 12th were invited to participate and enrich their learning. 33 schools participated and 69 projects were displayed. Students started their day with an oath taking ceremony about protecting the mother nature and helping the society.


RFS Students participated under following themes:-

     1.Transport and communication

           Title of the Project-


            (Smart Traffic Solution for Smart City)

                      Presented by-

                        Rishabh Bist



                        Sarthk Gupta

                        Ansh Jariwala

  1. Use of Technology in Problems Resolutions

        Title of the Project-


         (Fire Sensor and Extinguisher Robot)

         Presented by-

         Utsav Khairnar

        Siddhanth Bhattacharya

  1. Mathematical Modelling

       Title of the project-

       Application of 3-D objects


       presented by-

       Sujal Deoda

       Anika Mehta

       Astha Patel

These students were guided and coordinated by the RFS Science Club.

Mr. Bhargav Thakkar, an honorable member of  ISRO presented a documentry film on the 150th birth anniversary of the founder of ISRO, Padma VibhushanVikram Sarabhai. Mementos and certificates were falicitated by the chief curator, Ms Bhamini Mahida and curator, Mr. Divyesh Gameti, to all the students and teacher incharges.

 RFS students' projects were much appreacited and applauded by all the visitors and teachers present at the centre. It was a successful and knowledge gaining and enriching experience for all the students.Overall, it was an exhilarating and innovative event.


8 Aug2019

Green Adoption (Science Club)

8 Aug, 2019

Tree Plantation programme was organized for students to adopt plants and take care of them on a long term basis during their schooling years, to develop values and culture of responsible, committed and environmental conscious future citizens.

Principal Mr. S. Antonyraj inaugurated the programme by planting a sapling. 

Four student representatives along with their class teacher planted saplings provided by Surat Municipal Corporation Garden dept.

Each class gave a special name to their plant and adopted them to create a long lasting bond and belongingness to the school campus. Each Class was facilitated by “Green Adoption Certificate” for their sensitive approach and inspiring actions.

The event was successfully conducted and appreciated. Students learned the importance and co-existence of life.

6 Aug2019


6 Aug, 2019

A Mock Parliament was organized for students of Class VIII based on the chapter “Why do we need a Parliament?”

The objective of the Mock Parliament was to make students understand the parliamentary   proceedings and the working of  the government.

The Class was divided into two groups – the Ruling Party and the Opposition. From allotting roles to Members of Parliament, deciding the agenda of the session, making Placards & Banners and organizing the Classroom setup – the students did it all! The Mock Parliament discussed Public issues and Bills were taken up.

It served as a platform to hone their organizing and debating skills.

13 Jul2019

Investiture Ceremony

13 Jul, 2019

The Investiture Ceremony signifies the reliance and confidence that the school consigns in the newly invested office bearers. With this profound thinking 84 students exuding immense leadership potential were chosen to be a part of the Student Council body .This was after a much sorted out scrutinous interviewing and selection.

Mr. Bhagvatsinh Vanaar (Police Inspector, Crime Branch, Surat)  had graciously presided over the programme.  Dr. Archita Joshi (Former Head Girl )  and    Mr. A Dinesh Raj (Former Head Boy)  were  invited as the  Guests of Honour to address the august gathering. Donning the mantle of accountability the new student council body pledged to bestow their duties to the best of their abilities. The solemn occasion prevailed as the badges were pinned, and the certificates and the sashes were presented to the Head Boy & Head Girl, Prefects of various sections, the Executive Council Members, Captains &  Vice Captains and Club Secretaries and Joint Secretaries  by the Chief Guest and the Guests of Honour. Principal Dr.S. Anthony Raj addressed the leaders guiding them to follow the  golden rules of successful leadership. Student Council Handbook briefing the vision, mission and the working of the RFS Student Council  was released for the first time during the function. Darsh Shani (XI Science A) and Nitya Menon (XI Commerce) were chosen as the Head Boy and the Head Girl respectively. The speech of Assurance by the  Head Boy and Head Girl elect was the highlight of the programme. A special dance on leadership led to a beautiful closure to the programme.


21 Feb2019

Joy of Giving

21 Feb, 2019

In line with the philosophy of charity begins at home, the ‘Joy of Giving’ is an endeavour taken up by the Student council members going from class to class and motivating the students to contribute towards a noble cause. The contributions are used to help the sick and needy at orphanages, Leprosy Homes and old age centers.

29 Dec2018

Annual Exhibition

29 Dec, 2018

Annual Exhibition 2018 – an avenue to articulate aspirations was held on 29th December 2018 in the school campus. Around 1370 students participated enthusiastically in this event. The exhibits were displayed in 50 different classrooms. Paintings and artefacts were displayed in the auditorium. Music Exhibition was put up in the auditorium, Sports equipment in the Multipurpose court and Dance Kingdom in the Play Area. Students from KG to class XI presented beautiful and creative models based on various subjects and topics they learnt in the class. They even demonstrated various experiments and presented their working models with a brief explanation. They focused on topics like Sustainability, Smart city, Culture & Heritage , Scientific Wonders , Linguistic innovation , Drama & Declamation and many more.

Sports & Games
28 Dec2018

Annual Sports Day

28 Dec, 2018

The Annual Sports Day provides avenues for all students to recognize and realize their sportsman spirit through various sporting activities organised throughout the year. Various athletic events were organized wherein the students participated enthusiastically. The day ended with prize distribution ceremony.

27 Jul2018

Investiture Ceremony

27 Jul, 2018

21st July 2018 marked the formal announcement of conferring titles to the newly elected Students Council at RFS Campus and thus reasserted the belief that the reigns of maintaining a disciplined environment has been entrusted in competent hands.

Daivat Patel of class XI Science was appointed as the School Head Boy and Nikki Mehta of class XI Science was appointed as the School Head Girl.  This was followed by the appointment of special executive council members, captains and vice captains of four houses and 11 club Secretaries.


The day was commemorated bringing forth a solemn promise for the new Student Council that got ready for anointment after a rigorous selection process. 

27 Feb2018

Awards Ceremony

27 Feb, 2018

The meritorious and the deserving students who have consistently showcased their skill and competence during the course of an academic session were awarded in the Annual award ceremony under various categories like best orator, singer, dancer, writer, quiz master etc.

25 Feb2018

Blessing Ceremony

25 Feb, 2018

The outgoing batch of class XII received blessings from teachers and mentors on this day to attain successful results. The entire ceremony was hosted to boost confidence of students and bring inspiration, solace and peace of mind while appearing for board examination.