The School encourages all students to empathize with those who are not so fortunate both physically and financially, by lending a helping hand and serving unconditionally.

The Community Outreach Programme is at the heart of the educational process at KDARFS. The School offers various age-appropriate opportunities to students from Grade V onwards to become active and positive contributors to the community.

These opportunities help the students to build a sense of responsibility and sensitivity towards the society. More importantly, students can deepen their understanding of individual leadership, systemic change and social responsibility in the context of a local, national and global multi-cultural society.

Activities - CASHe Programme

(Causative Agent for Safety, Health and Environment)

The aim of the CASHe team is to provide a safe, healthy and clean environment for the staff and students, and to establish best behavioural practices for all the members of the School Community.

The CASHe Team is involved in conducting the following activities:

  • Various workshops including sessions with a Medical Centre dietician to combat obesity in adolescent children. Several events are organized to make the students aware of the importance of maintaining a balanced diet to lead a healthy life.
  • Workshops and awareness programs on the ill effects of mobile phones and other electronic gadgets.
  • Interactive sessions on ‘Stress Management during Examinations’ for Classes IX to XII.
  • Assembly programs on Safety, Health and Environment issues.
  • Events like Poster Making, Drawing and Essay Competitions during the Traffic and Fire Safety Week, to make the students aware of safety measures.
  • Initiative to reduce the load of schoolbags of primary class students. The School’s CASHe team strives to inculcate good behaviour, clean environment, safe and secure classrooms, hygienic restrooms and health conscious employees.