All the classrooms in the School are spacious, well-lit and ventilated offering a conducive learning environment. Each classroom has soft boards to support the teaching learning process.

Classrooms are equipped with quality furniture suiting the requirements of students of different age groups.

Science Laboratories

The School has well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and General Science laboratories. Students are encouraged to use these facilities to learn through experimentation and demonstrations, which gives them better understanding of concepts. Such an environment helps in developing a thirst for knowledge, and a scientific temperament which aids students to explore different ideas discussed in the class. The School makes it a point to keep these laboratories up to date with the latest instruments, specimens, and charts. The laboratories are provided with required safety measures.

Computer Laboratory

The School has four computer labs with high speed broadband connectivity. All computers have the required configuration and software and all the computer labs have projectors, and audio-visual facilities to help students develop IT skills.

Mathematics Laboratory

The Mathematics Laboratory has many concept specific learning kits, manipulatives, charts, games, etc. to develop logical thinking, reasoning, and analysing abilities in students. This helps to reinforce learning of mathematical concepts from abstract to concrete.


To inculcate love for reading, the School has two well-designed libraries, one each for Primary and Senior sections. These libraries provide ample reference material in the form of books, periodicals, science journals and CDs with multimedia content. The Senior School Library has dedicated computers and Wi-Fi facility for internet browsing that enable students to access various online educational resources.

To encourage reading amongst its students and staff, the School has instituted DEAR Programme (Drop Everything and Read), wherein twice in a year everyone in the School reads together.

IT Infrastructure and E-learning

All classrooms from LKG to XII are equipped with smart boards and digital learning solution that enables comprehensive teaching and learning practice and assessment for deep immersive learning. The solution uses various tools like animations, videos and virtual labs to make learning easy and engaging.

Networking Facility

School uses high speed broadband connectivity to enhance the speed and quality of its communication. With a strong belief that technology can enhance learning, the School offers fully networked campus. A campus wide network offers connectivity among all labs, resource rooms and admin blocks.


The School campus has a playground and various safe and standardised sporting equipment. The extended sports facilities cater to indoor and outdoor games such as Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Badminton, Cricket, Chess etc. These resources are essential for nurturing students’ skills in sports and endorse a sporting culture in the School.

Visual & Performing Arts

Music Rooms

The School has three music rooms complete with an array of musical instruments such as sitar, tabla, harmonium, guitar, drum sets and keyboards.

Art and Craft Rooms

The vibrant colour palette of nature is brought to life in the art and craft room. Students are encouraged to explore their creativity under the guidance of teachers and visiting artists themselves.

Dance Studios

The School has three dance studios equipped with music systems and wall to wall mirrors to enable the students to master various dance forms.

Pre-primary Activity Rooms

Two aesthetically designed theme-based activity rooms with educational toys, equipments and learning resources offer various activities for pre-primary students to develop gross and fine motor skills. The activity rooms also house a puppet theatre and are equipped with audio-visual facility. Students visit the activity rooms to read picture books, watch animated educational movies and perform role plays.

Pre-primary Atrium

Pre-primary Atrium which is a naturally well-lit area with a stage,is used for imaginative creation and as a classic backdrop of castle gates. It is used by the students for performances, dramatizations, presentations, assemblies etc.