KDARFS believes in the principle of Inclusive Education. Every child has the right to education irrespective of the differences in learning styles. The School has achieved great results by identifying the needs of students with unique learning patterns. Introduction of appropriate modifications in the School policy, structure, and curriculum has helped to achieve brilliant results. Students with Special Education needs are, however, inspired to study with the majority.

Individualized Education Programme (IEP) has helped special educators greatly to provide assistance to differently-abled children. When children are uniquely talented, inclusive education assumes an integral role to fulfill their educational aspirations. The programme strives to improve their communication and social skills, and enhance peer interactions and learning, so that the School hours prove to be productive and joyous for the child.

The Sensitization Programme by the special education team at KDARFS also plays an important role in sensitizing the School community about the need for supporting children with special needs. This makes the learners feel comfortable, and they adjust and adapt themselves well with their surroundings, which, subsequently helps to optimize their learning and progress.

The Special Education Team is multidisciplinary in nature. It comprises students, parents, special educators, regular teachers, psychologists, occupational therapists, and parent volunteers. The centre initially conducts a functional assessment in order to fully understand the difficulty level of the student. This assessment is followed by a thorough planning of the Individualised Education Programme, which is designed keeping the needs of the student in mind. Continuous follow-ups are conducted to monitor the progress of every student. This has helped in keeping track of the improvements of the children and no child is left behind.