The Investiture Ceremony (Senior) of the newly elected student council was held on 26th of June 2019. It was a special occasion where the Head Boy Keshav Hooda and the Head Girl Apoorva Jaiswal along with their entire team of thirty-six prefects donned the mantle of leadership and took an oath to carry out their duties with utmost diligence. The chief guest of the event was commanding officer of naval NCC unit Jamnagar, lieutenant-commander Chandresh Mittal who inspired the new leaders with his motivating words. Ms. Anvita Kackar, Principal, congratulated the newly elected office bearers and conveyed her best wishes to the entire team.

The Prefectual Board

The School Prefects are the role models for the students and believe in action more than mere words. Prefects work hard to encourage the students and help the House Mentors to function smoothly.