KDARFS believes in holistic education of children which prepares them to tackle various challenges in life. In this time and age, it is imperative that students attain life skills in addition to other professional skills. In order to lead a life of a well-adjusted individual, it is important to know how to deal with setbacks in life, handle one’s emotions, increase mental endurance, develop interpersonal skills, build meaningful relationships, develop compassion and transform oneself into a strong individual.

The Life Skills Education Programme is a vital part of the academic curriculum across all grade levels with the objective to groom young minds tackle challenges of life successfully. Our team of Life Skills Education and Special Educators, thus, prepares children by providing them training to deal effectively with various trials and tribulations, collaborate with others to arrive at a solution, and develop empathy and compassion for fellow beings, The Programme enhances decision-making and communication and social skills to interact in a positive and meaningful way with others and live life with confidence.