The School is committed to providing a safe and secure space, where students feel confident to approach sensitive professionals for guidance and support. Counselling assists children to cope with the emotional and psychological struggles of growing up, academic challenges, peer pressure, and temperament issues. The School counselling programme takes cognizance of diverse emotional needs of students, and is developed in collaboration with other stakeholders, viz., the teachers, parents and School administration. It addresses students’ issues and ensures that they are well-equipped to resolve their conflicts and lead a productive and contented life.

Counselling also helps students to develop strategies to deal with stress, anxiety and depression, enhances their communication skills, character-building and also in personal growth. The counselling programme also aids in proper identification of the social and emotional issues of the students and appropriate preventive measures are recommended subsequently. If required, students are referred to concerned professionals outside the school as well. The school counsellors help the students in decision making, improve their self-esteem and bring a positive transformation in their outlook towards life.