Our commitment at KDARFS is to ensure the comprehensive development of our students, therefore, besides imparting an all-inclusive education, the School provides equal opportunities to all students to showcase their talents in various co-curricular activities.

The Creative & Recreational Camp offers a stimulating environment for students to discover and exhibit their potential through a variety of fun activities and exciting learning programmes which augment their experiences and allow them to learn new skills, gain self-confidence, work with their peers, and develop strong friendships.

The activities offered to students at KDARFS are:

Sr. No.
1 Bollywood Singing with Karaoke
2 Music - Instrumental (Keyboard/Harmonium)
3 Music - Instrumental (Tabla)
4 Music - Instrumental (Drum and Congo)
5 Dance - Folk & Contemporary
6 Dance - Classical & Fusion
7 Read & Reap in Library
8 Cushion Making
9 Fabric Painting
10 Pencil Shading
11 Emboss Painting
12 Nib Painting & Cone Painting
13 Wonder Chef (Baking- Oats & raisins cookies, Banana Coffee Cake, Yeast Free Bread etc.)
Sr. No.
14 Quick & Easy Cooking (Squash, Smoothies, Sandwich, Chat, Frankie, Dabeli, Chocolate, Puddings, Salads, Energy Balls, Namkeen, Jelly, etc.)
15 Rangoli
16 Pottery
17 Decorative Items (Wall Hanging & Show Pieces)
18 Best out of Waste & Mirror Work (With Needle & Crochet)
19 Football
20 Basketball
21 Judo
22 Athletics
23 Table Tennis
24 Yoga
25 Zumba