The entire complex is a wonderful piece of architecture, consisting of four blocks to accommodate the primary, secondary and senior secondary sections, co-curricular wing, laboratory block and the Administrative wing. The campus is punctuated with hedges, lush green lawns, patios, plazas and performance areas. The School is spread across more than 15.34 acres of land with a build-up area of more than 4.44 Lac Sq. Ft.

A state-of-the-art building has been constructed for the students of Pre-primary. The building is painted vividly and colourfully to create a learner-friendly environment for the young ones. The campus also has slides, swings, sandboxes, and other play material to stimulate them physically and mentally.

The entire campus is under CCTV surveillance, fitted with adequate firefighting solutions, and has a controlled PA system for necessary mass communication.